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New York Career Counselor/Coach

Finding the right career fit has the power to bring balance, satisfaction and a sense of well being to your life. Yet, in today’s complex work world, so many people are unhappy with their careers – and they aren’t sure why, or what to do about it. Getting trapped in the wrong role or the wrong industry can result in feelings of frustration and confusion. Only by integrating your whole self can you find true career satisfaction. The ideal job fit must flow from your interests, skills, values, personality and the role you naturally play with others.

These are some of the services I use to develop satisfying careers for my clients:



Career Transition Myers-Briggs College-to-Career
Values Assessment Job Search Strategies Networking
Resume Writing Skills Analysis Skills Transferability
Social Media Interviewing Career Coaching


Work Truly Has The Power To Rewrite Life.

For over 20 years I have been helping people choose, change and advance their careers, using a process which integrates all aspects of personality style, abilities, temperaments and needs. I am able to identify jobs and careers that most people don’t even know exist and help clients find and enter careers that truly express who they are — rewarding careers in which they can thrive.

The career counseling process I use combines guided self-investigation, self-assessment tools and hard-core job search strategies. This career process is a focused, clear, effective, step-by-step process that yields results.

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Eileen Sharaga – Career Expert: Media Promo

Eileen Sharaga is a New York based senior level career counselor and a recognized authority on career development and occupational trends. As a career management specialist for over 2 decades, Ms.Sharaga works with individuals, professionals and college grads in all aspects of career planning and career transition.

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