50 Careers You’ve Never Heard Of

…or Never Considered

So many people feel that there’s “nothing right” out there for them — no job that really “fits” who they are. But is that true? Or is it simply that they aren’t aware of the opportunities that exist?

Most people only consider obvious jobs in obvious industries — publishing, healthcare, advertising, psychology, technology, etc. while never knowing about the hundreds of other options that are open to them. And if you don’t know what’s out there, you can’t consider it.

But there is a solution. By looking inside yourself first, and then combining that self-information with an informed look at the innumerable and varied career possibilities that exist in the world, you will be able to identify a perfect fit job — a job that can lead you to a rewarding and satisfying career life.

Here is a list of 50 jobs you probably never heard of, or never considered — just to give you a taste of how many opportunities and possibilities are waiting out there for you.

Survey Researcher
Political Consultant
Acquisition Librarian
Patient Care Manager
Financial Meteorologist
On-line Curriculum Writer
Asset Recovery Lawyer
Wine importer
Developmental Book editor
Rehabilitation Advocate
Recreational Therapist
Psycho Economist
Bio-medical Writer
Facilities Manager
Focus Group Moderator
Nutrition Educator
Medical Meeting Planner
Exhibition Designer
Strategic Planner
Clinical Trial Manager
Forensic Psychologist
Fund Raiser
Medical Illustrator
Integrated Marketing Specialist
Display Merchandiser
Psycho Diagnostician
Grants Writer
Litigation Case Manager
Risk Analyst
Pharmaceutical Detailer
Competitive Intelligence Analyst
Media Analyst
Consumer Researcher
Clinical Dietician
Museum Registrar
Historic Site Administrator
Public Policy Analyst
Respiratory Therapist

After working as a career specialist for over 20 years, I know of hundreds of occupational possibilities that most people have never even heard of. I’ve seen clients move from feeling stuck and hopeless to energized and excited — just by learning that there really is something out there that’s right for them.

If you’re looking for an occupation that expresses who you are, a career that fits your talents, abilities, interests and passions, I would be happy to help you.

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