A Career Graduation Gift

After Graduation… Then What?
One of Life’s Most Confusing Moments Comes When a Student Has to Make the Leap From School to Career.
Once a student has graduated, they find themselves confused and without the information, experience or resources to help them make the most important choices of their lives. This is the time when lifetime career decisions are made – decisions that can lead to a happy and rewarding career, or to career frustration and unhappiness.How Prepared are Young People to Deal with the World of Careers?
Do they know how to get jobs? Do they know what jobs to get? Do they know what fields are available to pursue? Do they know which occupations will most satisfy them? In most cases they don’t even know what careers exist, aside from the most common ones – doctor, lawyer, editor, designer, writer, teacher, marketing executive, etc. And yet, without this important information, they make decisions that direct the entire course of their lives.

There is a Systematic Process for Creating a Successful Career. 
There is a way for one’s interests, affinities, talents, education, skills and personality to intermesh to create a career that is fulfilling, successful and intentional. This system combines self-understanding, aptitude and personality analysis along with occupational information. Any part of this process that is missing dramatically decreases one’s chance for success.

If You Know a Recent Graduate, This is the Opportunity to Give Them the Gift of a Lifetime – the Gift of the Right Career Fit. 
How often have you heard people say, “If only I had known what career direction to take, my whole life could have been different.” A young person’s choice of careers may have more impact on their future than any other decision they will make for the rest of their lives.

Contact Me to Find Out More.
Call me or email me and I will be glad to further describe my process and how the gift of a career consultation could work in your recent grad’s individual transition.

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