Interview for Yahoo! Hotjobs

Interview for Yahoo – Hot jobs
Interview by: Gina Cappiello.
Job-hunting may have changed, but the concept–and the goal–remains the same. Career counselor Eileen Sharaga has some back-to-basics tips that will help you land your dream job:

Sharaga stresses that the most important part of your job hunt is to have a focused resume. “If you don’t have the right resume, nothing else will follow,” she says. Stand out from the rest by focusing on how you can benefit the particular employer you’re seeking a job with.

“If the potential employer doesn’t know who you are in a minute, then you’re going to have a difficult time finding a job in that industry,” says Sharaga.

Industry research
Once your resume is ready to go, start doing extensive research on your industry and the companies you want to work for. “Sign up for industry newsletters, and find people relevant to the job you’re seeking,” suggests Sharaga, who also says that many industry-specific mailings include job listings. If a company you want to work for doesn’t post jobs frequently, Sharaga says there is a way around that: “It’s required by law to post a job internally first. You may not be privy to that, but if you have a friend or associate who works at a place you want to work at, you can have your friend look within [the company’s] jobs database.”

Although Sharaga says that social networking through sites like LinkedIn and Twitter can be useful tools in a job search, she recommends taking it one step further. “Go to industry and alumni association meetings, functions, and trade shows,” she says. “If you go to a meeting, function, or workshop in your industry, you automatically have something in common with the other attendees.”

“Very often, people don’t know which recruiters to contact,” says Sharaga–and that’s a big reason some job seekers refuse to work with one. “If you read the articles and journals in your industry, you will see that some recruiters place within them to target their audience,” she says, so this is a great way to find an industry-specific recruiter looking for someone like you. Be careful when working with one, though: Sharaga adds, “Recruiters work for the company, and their biggest concern is making a job placement. If you’re working with one, be sure to keep it focused”–to avoid being sent on interviews for jobs you don’t want.

See the article by clicking here. 

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