Steps to Reaching Your Career Goals

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Dream

There are many kinds of goals… seeking a new career, starting a business, becoming a consultant, repositioning yourself within your current field, writing a book… the list is endless. But once you’ve identified a goal, then what?With so many people, the problem isn’t knowing what their goal is, but how to get there. To reach a goal you need a process. One that works.

The Steps to Reaching Your Career Goals

1) Define your goal: Write a positioning statement. Writing it down will help you shape your goal. Articulating goals makes them real. If you can’t commit to paper, then you’re not ready. If you can’t write a positioning statement then you don’t know what your position is.

2) Confirm the reasons for your goals: Does your goal make sense, or is it just a reaction to another problem? Think about why you want what you want. Once you have the right reasons, then the commitment will follow.

3) Research and Prepare: Information gathering is critical to the viability of your goals. Knowledge is power… whether it’s information about a job target, industry, competitive information or marketplace analysis.

4) Set steps that are realistic: Set objectives, make a plan, set a timeline, establish deadlines. The only way from here to there is one step at a time.

5) Implement your plan of action: The final success is in the execution. Whether your plan requires a resume, a marketing brochure, a step by step outline, a marketing strategy… the common reference point is action.

I have spent 20 years helping people cross this important bridge from where they are to where they want to be… and I can assure you, when people find the way to reach their goals, their lives are transformed.

I would be happy to assist you in this process. Feel free to call if you have any questions.

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