How Your Resume Can Make or Break Your Future

 Don’t underestimate the power of a good resume

Your resume is your prospective employer’s first glimpse of you… and it may be their last. If your resume doesn’t sell you effectively in the first 10 seconds, it may go straight to the reject pile. The right resume can open doors, the wrong resume can sabotage your job search.

Your resume can’t be good… it has to be great!

Before you get the opportunity to compete for a job, your resume has to do it for you. No matter how impressive your career has been, and no matter how sparkling your credentials, if your resume is anything short of great you will not get to the interview.

You may be talented in your field… but that doesn’t mean you can write a good resume

People think they’re supposed to be able to write a resume. After all, it is about you. However, writing a resume is a very specific and exacting skill. You may excel in your career, but this does not prepare you for writing a resume. Most people need professional advice, feedback, and a review of their resume.

Is your resume working for you, or against you?

Here is a list of essentials that your resume should accomplish in order to sell you and get you to the interview:

  • Position yourself properly for your job target and industry.
  • Be sure to have a focused profile or summary statement.
  • Choose the correct format appropriate to your work history – different formats work better for different people.
  • Do not be overly wordy – use concise descriptions or bullets.
  • Avoid statements or buzz words that sound like clichés.
  • Use hard-working descriptive verbs – weak phrasing makes a weak resume.
  • Use graphic elements to enhance your resume, without being distracting.
  • Recent college grads should include relevant internships and volunteer work.
  • Be smart about how you position your experience level – aiming too high or too low could eliminate you from the running.
  • Review and update your resume periodically – don’t let it get outdated.

You may be right for the job… but is your resume?

As you know, this is one of the most competitive job markets we’ve seen in decades. Your resume is competing with scores, perhaps hundreds, of other resumes. It has to get you in the door and get you to the interview. I have seen many people’s futures turn around and thrive because they finally got their resume to work for them and lead them into satisfying, rewarding careers. But sadly, I’ve seen the opposite even more frequently.

If you would like professional guidance in creating a powerful, effective, winning resume please feel free to call me and set up an appointment. I would be happy to help you create the resume you need and deserve.

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