Job Search Essentials

Are you floundering or unable to get started on your job search? Have you gotten off track, or lost your motivation? Whether you’re looking for a new job, transitioning into a new field or looking for your first job… you need to have a well thought-out strategy.

Here are 5 Practical Tips for Conducting an Effective Job Search:

1. Self Analysis:

Where are you now in your career? What is it that makes you unhappy? What aspects of your job give you satisfaction? What are your priorities at this point in your life? Does your current career meet some of your criteria but not others? Can you articulate your goals? To reach your goals you must first become clear on what they are.

2.  Focus and Positioning:

We are in a very niche marketplace today. You cannot be all things to all people. Focus and positioning are crucial. If your job target is wrong, everything else will be wrong.  For example, “marketing” is not focused enough. Is it marketing manager, marketing communicaton, product marketing, integrated marketing? The more specific you are the more effective your search will be. Knowing your target means understanding what industry, what function, and what job title you’re searching for.

3.  Resume Summary Statement:

Your summary statement is the most important part of your resume. It presents the key points about you and creates focus for your resume. What are the most important points you want to get across? The summary statement sets the theme for your target and objectives. If you are having difficulty writing a summary statement it might mean you’re having difficulty focusing.

4.  Expand Your Job Search Channels:

Commercial job sites such as Monster and Hotjobs have become over-crowded and over-used. While the Internet provides a world of information and multitude of job sites, we often underestimate the traditional sources of search venues. These are: trade publications, industry associations, job fairs, alumni associations and, the most important of all, networking.

5.  Diagnose Your Own Ailment:

What is stopping you from getting started? Is it lack of confidence about your skills; gaps in your background? Lack of focus? Fear of rejection? You need to understand the problem that you’re having, so you can deal with it. By identifying your barriers, you are in a better position to work through them.

A job search is a very difficult and demanding process. It is important to stay focused and motivated… the best way to do this is to know that your job target truly fits your personality and your abilities. Having a clear vision and the right strategy will keep you on track and ultimately result in a more successful job search.

If you need guidance in any phase of this process please feel free to contact me.

Eileen Sharaga is a recognized authority on career development and employment trends. As a career counselor, psychologist and educator, Ms Sharaga helps people choose, change and advance their careers. Having both a psychological and business background, she provides a unique perspective into navigating today’s complex career issues.  Ms Sharaga is an advanced Myers Briggs practitioner and specializes in career transition and self-assessment. Ms Sharaga is a source for media, and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Working Today and The New York Times. 

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