After Graduation… Then What?

The Leap from School to Career is One of Life’s Most Confusing Moments.

Graduating college is a time of great exhilaration, but also a time of confusion and uncertainty. College gives students the education they need… but it doesn’t give them the skills they need to find a job, or more important, to select the right career for who they are.

This is the time to make one of life’s most pivotal decisions … decisions that will direct the entire course of their lives. And yet they’re totally unprepared.

Creating a Successful Career. 

There is a career-planning process for turning who a student is and what they’ve learned into a satisfying career. It’s a process that blends their interests, talents, aptitudes and personality to determine the right career-fit, and to strategize a roadmap that will guide them into their future.

Unfortunately this is not something that students get in college. This process is something that requires the insights and techniques of a career specialist, with an understanding of today’s job-market realities.

If You Know a Recent Graduate, this is the Opportunity to Give them the Gift of a Lifetime.

If there’s a recent graduate you care about, I can help them cross that crucial bridge from their education to a satisfying and appropriate career… To help them find the right career fit for who they are and what they can be. A young person’s first steps towards a career will have a greater impact on their future than any other decision they will make at this point in life.

How to Give the Gift of A Happy Career.

Call or email me and I will be glad to further describe my process, and how the gift of a career consultation can work to transform your recent grad’s individual situation and put them on a track that will yield a lifetime of rewards.

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