Career Transition

Are you secure and comfortable in your job but desperately bored? Do you enjoy the work but hate the politics? Are your hours too long? Is the best thing about your job the fact that you have a paycheck? Have you been promoted to a position where you no longer feel competent?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions you are not alone. Millions of people would like to change career paths or make a career transition but don’t know where to begin.

In making a career change, it has never been more important to know who you are and what you want – to look inside yourself and by able to identify your skills, values, interest and personality, When thinking a bout a career, most people focus on a subject matter, industry or job title. For examples, people say, I think I’ll become an architect; teacher, psychologist, accountant or I’ll go into the field of publishing, health care, and marketing. advertising. But there are more important questions to ask you:

  • Do you like working with people or paper
  • Do you need to do something different every day?
  • Do you like being part of an organization or would you rather work alone?
  • Do you need freedom and flexibility or structure and security?
  • Do you solve problems intuitively or analytically?

Developing a career transition requires an integration of all aspects of YOU – the right blend of your total person, a perfect merging of your whole self. Any aspect that is missing minimizes your chances of making the right transition.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning said “In order to make a change we need the pull of discomfort and the push of hope”. Hope means knowing what the right career focus is . Once you know this, you will not be afraid to make that move.