Developing an Effective Resume

The key to making a career change is an effective, powerful and focused resume. It is your most important marketing tool; it’s your door opener to your job search. Having the right resume will build confidence and move you towards taking action and being proactive in your job search. The success in getting interviews, hinges on the quality of your resume.

The Five Most Important Elements In Creating a Strong Resume.

Identify Your Focus:
Make sure you know where you want to go in your career before writing your resume so that you can position yourself appropriately for your targeted market. If you have multiple resumes, it could mean you are not clearly focused.

Use Keywords in Your Resume:
Scan the job descriptions in the field or industry your seeking and see what words are used most often for your target job. Make sure you’ve included them in your bullet points. Be concise, relevant and avoid clichés.

Create a Profile/Summary Statement:
Your summary statement provides an overview of who you are and creates the focus and theme of your resume. This statement should, in three or four sentences, present a clear picture of your special abilities and unique qualities. It will also become your two-minute verbal pitch.

Choose the Appropriate Format:
Different formats work better for different people. Whether you choose a chronological or functional style, pick the one that is appropriate for your background and relevant to the job your seeking.

Use Linked-In to Self-Promote:
Linked-In has become a very popular and effective tool for job searching. Be sure to include your resume on your LinkedIn profile. It will broaden your exposure to potential job connections by networking within your targeted career or industry group.