Job Search Strategies

You can’t begin a job search until you’ve searched yourself. All successful Job searches start with a journey inward and then knowing how to apply that knowledge to the work marketplace. This is the only way to discover where your want to go and what your job target is.

The 4 Stages of a Successful Job Search

Define your goals
Self-exploration is the key to defining your goals. Knowing your skills, personality and interests will allow you to define your job target. The more specific you are in today’s niche marketplace the better your chances of finding the right position. It’s not enough to say I’m interested in marketing, health care, technology, finance, etc.
You have to understand how your own distinct abilities match up with very specific job descriptions and functions.

Do your research
After you’ve honed in on your goals, you need to understand the currents that shape the industry you want to enter. Do in-depth research on the trends in that field, and on each company within that industry. Familiarize yourself with the publications, trade journals and websites in your chosen area. Join professional organizations and go on information-gathering interviews. The more knowledgeable you are, the clearer you job target will be.

Focus, Focus, Focus
While you may be tempted to cast a wide net during your job search, it will actually work against you. You need to define a specific job title and a job description that matches your skill set. Success in your job search is not a function of how many resumes you send or how broad your search is, but rather on how strategically focused you are.

Know how to navigate LinkedIn
Once you’ve defined your job title, then you’re ready for your social media outreach. While jobsites such as: Monster, Indeed, Idealist, Craigslist, Glassdoor etc. are essential, LinkedIn is the MOST important. Learn how to effectively build your profile, connect with contacts and find opportunities.