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Poll proves: JOBS is America’s #1 concern.

And no one knows more about jobs and careers than
Career Counselor Eileen Sharaga

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 Eileen Sharaga is the Career Counselor who has defined the field of Career Psychology. She has helped literally thousands of people to understand themselves, their potential, and learn how to navigate, succeed and prosper in the workplace environment.

Ms. Sharaga knows the world of work inside and out… from the macro to the micro… from the over-reaching long-term trends to the day-to-day nuts and bolts of jobs and employment. She blends a deep understanding of people and psychology with an unparalleled knowledge of jobs and the job market.

 Because of her extensive experience in the world of careers, Ms. Sharaga can identify, define and unearth jobs and careers most people didn’t even know existed. And because of her wide-ranging corporate experience she can take the psychology of working and apply it to real-world challenges in even the most competitive market situations.

Her proven proprietary techniques and methods are designed to reveal the career that’s perfect for you because you are perfect for it…. To translate who you are into what you should be doing. To delve, enlighten and direct you into the job you were born for.

 She can explain why one person is a big-picture thinker, while another is a genius for details, while one prefers facts and another theories, and how these types need to be incorporated to create successful careers and thriving businesses. Her knowledge and techniques are as valuable to those who are hiring as to those seeking employment.

Ms. Sharaga can tell an employer why 500 applicants are wrong for a job and why only two are right. And she can tell job applicants why it’s a waste of time to apply for hundreds of jobs they may be considering and guide them to the one job in which they will succeed and prosper. If the subject is careers the go-to person is Eileen Sharaga.

Eileen Sharaga, B.S., M.A., is President of Career Resources and a recognized authority on career development and employment trends. As a career counselor, consultant and educator, Ms.Sharaga works with individuals, businesses and professionals in all aspects of career planning and development. A renown expert on career and workplace issues, she has delivered over 300 speeches and workshops to corporations, professional organizations, universities, alumni associations, including Harvard, Yale, IBM, Women in Communications and the CUNY research foundation, among others.

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