Networking is a process of building contacts and meeting people, formally and informally. It’s an opportunity to let people know something about you. In the process, you obtain information about companies, people and contacts.
Networking is the method within personal, social and professional relationships of sharing information, building contacts and developing resources to facilitate personal and professional career goals.

Here Are Some Networking Tips

Polish your 2 minute Pitch – Prepare a quick synopsis of your background and experience and any relevant information that sums you up in a compelling way so that when you meet someone, they immediately get “who you are” and what you have to offer.

Fine Tune Your Résumé – When you do meet someone, chances are the person will probably say, “Send me your resume”. Review your resume with a critical eye and make sure it’s focused and up- to- date.

Accept All Invitations and Seek Out Potential Venues and Events. In other words, “be out there” and be pro-active. Everyone you meet is a potential networking source in your job search. Be alert to all opportunities.

Expand Your Network: Make a list of those people you might contact: alumni, family members, neighbors, business colleagues, former clients, bosses or vendors. When you make your list, focus on the quality of the people, not the quantity.

Social Media: As social media begins to blend with all parts of the business world, it has become significant that who you are online connects with the job you want.
Understand how to use LinkedIn, face book, twitter, blogs, etc.