Skill Transferability

Transferable skills are the most important to identify as you develop your career or if you’re making a career change. These skills can be transferred from one field to another, from one job to another or from one industry to another. They are your portfolios of skills that you can take with you wherever you go. Identifying and understanding your transferable skills is the first step in career planning.

Transferable Skills Fall Into Seven Broad Categories.

Communication: writing, speaking, listening, teaching, training, counseling
Persuading, performing, presenting, selling.

Creativity: visualizing, conceptualizing, imagining creating, improvising, interpreting, artistic, seeing possibilities.

Research: gathering information, classifying, interviewing.

Analytical: using logical analysis, developing frameworks, systematizing, evaluating alternatives and solutions, breaking things down,

Problem Solving: defining a problem, coming up with solutions, evaluating alternatives, improving a situation

Organization: following through on plans and instructions, attending to details, filing, retrieving, classifying.

Synthesizing: integrating diverse pieces of information into a coherent whole, reviewing large amounts of information succinctly, and translating information into a clear form.