“I never looked at my career as something that I get to choose.  Like most people I had been bound by what I was ‘supposed to’ do. Because of you, I’ve given myself permission to see through my own eyes”
-Mathew S, Corporate Attorney

“Your insights helped me realize my strengths, qualities, values and potential.  I see myself in such a different light…and I speak about myself in such a different way”
Rachael K,  V.P. Marketing,  Media Network

“I always wanted to make a difference in the world but didn’t really know how…..until I met YOU.  You uncovered the basic principles why which I operate.  You listened so closely that you were better able to articulate my thoughts and feelings better then I was. Your observations and insights enabled me to finally find my own uniqueness”
-Veronica P.  NGO Consultant

“I am extraordinarily grateful for the coaching you have given me.  My boss continues to value me enormously and I’m happier than I’ve ever been in a job”
-Patrick G, V.P. Morgan Stanley

“Your psychological approach coupled with your knowledge of the career marketplace was the perfect combination for me.  You opened up occupational possibilities that I never knew existed”
-Recent College Grad

 ‘Your ideas, and insights are still resonating in my head.  You helped me understand that my difficulty with my job search was not the search itself but my resume. Finally, I’m getting interviews and I see clearly how to move ahead.”
-Leslie P, Multimedia Strategist

“You’ve given me permission to get in touch with myself and find what I really want to do with my life from here on-out…not what my family or others think or say but what I want and value”
-Jason, Media Planner, Omnicom

“The results of my self-assessment profile hit me over the head like a velvet hammer.  It made me realize that I am no longer energized by being an administrator, but rather my passion lies in helping and coaching people.”
Mid Life Career Changer 

“Thank you for sharing your vast resources about the career market.  You were so helpful in expanding my knowledge of occupations and job titles.  You’ve opened my world”
-College Grad

‘If you could see me now! Directory of Marketing…it’s not merely the title, it is the self-assurance.  And Eileen, I gained this through you.  You helped me to find it, see it, understand it and ‘package it’  You are a skilled and caring navigator.”
-John C, V.P.Marketing, Proctor & Gamble